TRIGEN Hindfoot Fusion Nail

Product Information

TRIGEN HFN Product Information

Features of Clavicle Locking Plate

  • Anatomically designed implants
  • Oblique locking screw configuration
  • TRIGEN instrumentation
  • 16cm, 20cm, 25cm nail lengths
  • 10mm and 11.5mm nail diameters


  • Simplified instrumentation and anatomically designed implants included as part of the TRIGEN line
  • Diverging screw angles allow the surgeon to target specific bones and joints
  • Distal threaded screw holes help to reduce risk of screw back out while adding
  • Internal hex captured locking screws help to ease screw insertion
  • Rotational stability achieved with proximal static locking hole or dynamic compression slot
  • Dynamic compression slot allows up to 5mm of late controlled compression

Download the TRIGEN Hindfoot Fusion Nail Surgical Technique

Design and Technology

TRIGEN Hindfoot Fusion Nail Design

The TRIGEN Hindfoot Fusion Nail (HFN) brings the simplified instrumentation of the TRIGEN NAIL SYSTEM to the hindfoot. The TRIGEN HFN features an oblique locking configuration that allows surgeons to maximize thread purchase by locking into better bone. The TRIGEN HFN advantage allows surgeons to target screws through the calcaneus and into specific bones to attain the most stable construct while at the same time gaining fusion between the calcaneus and surrounding bones. Fusion is further aided by allowing screws to cross the articulating surfaces of the calcaneus and talus, as well as the calcaneus and cuboid bones.

Unlike other ankle arthrodesis nails that are currently available in the market, the TRIGEN HFN offers threaded distal screw holes for added stability and reduced risk of screw back out. In addition, the surgeon may select not to use specific holes or to use shorter screws that allow the joints to maintain mobility. Rotational stability is also achieved by means of a static locking hole or dynamic compression slot in the proximal end of the nail. The region of the nail near the driven end (inferior when implanted) has an increase outer diameter for additional rigidity and stability.

TRIGEN Hindfoot fusion nail design


TRIGEN Hindfoot Indications

  • Degeneration, deformity, or trauma of both the tibiotalar and talocalcaneal articulations in the hindfoot
  • Tibiocalcaneal arthrodesis
  • Combined arthrodesis of the ankle and sub-talar joints
  • Avascular necrosis of the ankle and sub-talar joints
  • Failed total ankle replacement with sub-talar intrusion
  • Failed ankle arthrodesis with insufficient talar body
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Severe deformity secondary to untreated talipes equinovarus or neuromuscular disease
  • Severe pilon fractures with trauma to the subtalar joints

Download the TRIGEN Hindfoot Fusion Nail Surgical Technique



What are the fusion areas for TRIGEN HFN?
Fusion occurs at the subtalar joint with the talus screw, calcaneocuboid joint with the cuboid screw, and the tibiotalar joint with the TRIGEN HFN.

How many screws do I need to use? Which screw lengths are appropriate?
Screw length and screw placement are entirely at the surgeon's discretion. Flexibility of screw selection allows multiple screw configurations tailored to each individual procedure.

How is compression achieved with the TRIGEN HFN?
Manual compression can be achieved by attaching the Impactor to the Drill Guide. After attaching, flex the knee and tap the construct with the Slotted Hammer.

Can bone graft be used in ankle arthrodesis cases?
Yes. Once the nail is locked into place with screws and the foot is stable, bone graft or bone graft substitutes can be used to fill in all gaps around the bones.


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