Elite Premium II

Shoulder Arthroscopy System


The ELITE PREMIUM II Shoulder System offers the ability to house our wide array of innovative endoscopic instruments in sleek, comprehensive trays with customizable areas.

The all stainless-steel trays allow for easy sterilization, while offering the durability and reliability necessary in a busy OR.

  • Designed with surgeon feedback
  • Vertically stacked accessibility
  • Removable tray inserts
  • Updated, relevant instrumentation

Ordering Information

Reference # Description

72202503 ELITE PREMIUM II Shoulder Arthroscopy System

System includes

7209494 ELITE PREMIUM Suture Loop Vertical Grasper, blue handle
72201181 ELITE PREMIUM Combination Grasper, red handle
72201180 ELITE PREMIUM Alligator Locking Grasper, green handle
7209496 ARTHRO-PIERCE™ Instrument, straight
7209497 ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, 45° right
7209498 ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, 45° left
7209499 ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, 35° up
7211020 ELITE PASS PREMIUM Suture Shuttle with Ratchet
72202065 ELITE PREMIUM Open Face Sliding Suture Cutter, loop handle, side loading
3801 ELITE Switching Stick
72201659 ELITE PREMIUM Hook Knife
72201660 ELITE PREMIUM Bankart Rasp
72201661 ELITE PREMIUM Knife Rasp
72201915 3.8 mm Tapered Awl
72201177 ELITE PREMIUM Crochet Hook
7209134 ELITE Calibrated Probe
72201213 ELITE PREMIUM Full Loop Knot Manipulator, silver handle (2 per box)
72201186 ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, curved left, inline handle
72201187 ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, curved right, inline handle
72202042 Shoulder Arthroscopy Sterilization Tray and Lid
7209495 ELITE Combination Tissue/Suture Grapser


  • Endoscopy
  • Orthopaedic Reconstruction
  • Accu-Pass
  • Arthro-Pierce
  • Bioraptor 2.3 P
  • Bioraptor Knotless
  • Clear -Trac Complete
  • Elite Pass
  • Elite Premium
  • Elite Premium II
  • Osteoraptor
  • Twinfix Ti
  • Twinfix Ultra HA
  • Twinfix Ultra PK
  • Twinfix Ultra Ti