Form, Function, and Flexibility

With its single-handed design, ergonomic handle, and thumb wheels, the Smith & Nephew ACCU-PASS◊ Suture Shuttle provides precise control for suture placement and shuttle deployment, reducing operating time and cost. Used in Shoulder Arthroplasty.

Seven different tip configurations and three shuttle loading options provide flexibility in both procedure and technique, while the solid one-piece shaft resists bending and breakage. Sterile, single patient use gives you the confidence of knowing the instrument is sharp. Each ACCU-PASS Suture Shuttle is designed to accommodate a doubled #2-0, a doubled #0 or a single #1 or #2 monofilament sutures.

Suture Passing and Shuttling for Instability, Plications and Side to Side repairs.

Straight AccuPass_Overview_Straight
Crescent AccuPass_Overview_Crescent
45° Upbend AccuPass_Overview_45Upbend
70° Upbend AccuPass_Overview_70Upbend
45° Left AccuPass_Overview_45Left
45° Right AccuPass_Overview_45Right
Big Curve AccuPass_Overview_BigCurve

Ref. Description

Reference # Description

7210423 ACCU-PASS 45°, left
7210424 ACCU-PASS 45°, right
7210425 ACCU-PASS 45°, Upbend
7210426 ACCU-PASS Straight
7210427 ACCU-PASS Crescent
72200419 ACCU-PASS 70°, Upbend
72200418 ACCU-PASS, big curve


  • Endoscopy
  • Orthopaedic Reconstruction
  • Accu-Pass
  • Arthro-Pierce
  • Bioraptor 2.3 P
  • Bioraptor Knotless
  • Clear -Trac Complete
  • Elite Pass
  • Elite Premium
  • Elite Premium II
  • Osteoraptor
  • Twinfix Ti
  • Twinfix Ultra HA
  • Twinfix Ultra PK
  • Twinfix Ultra Ti