Adler's External Fixator Systems

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Adler's External Fixator Systems
External Fixators, as the name indicates, are used external to the body and achieve a hold on the skeletal elements through clamps. While purity of raw material is less of a concern, considering the external use, the performance of external fixator systems is directly dependent on the precision of the components and the reliability of assemblies that are formed using different elements of these systems.

Adler's machining expertise and high precision technologies play a vital role in creating external fixator systems that offer unmatched precision and reliability.

Adler's "ExFix" External Fixators are available in the following options -

- Tubular External Fixators (11mm System).
- Universal External Fixators (8mm System).
- Mini External Fixators (4mm System).


  • Endoscopy
  • Orthopaedic Reconstruction
  • Shoulder & hip
  • PERI-LOC Locked plating system
  • Hemi Endoprosthesis
  • Trauma Instrumentation Sets
  • S'RUT FitRite Instrumentation
  • Adler's Ex Fix
  • Umex