Elite Pass

Premium Arthroscopic Suture Shuttle

Product Information

The ELITE PASS Premium Arthroscopic Suture Shuttle offers arthroscopic shoulder surgeons a flexible, single-handed method of passing suture through tissue without the need for additional instruments. The reusable instrument features the trusted ACUFEX™ instrument design, while the disposable needle is composed of highly flexible steel, reducing the potential for breakage. The ELITE PASS design also gives surgeons the ability to pass suture through a single access portal, thus simplifying the procedure.

(You must refer to appropriate reusing/sterilisation guidelines mentioned in IFU before reuse.)

Ordering Information

Reference # Description

7211020 ELITE PASS Premium Arthroscopic Suture Shuttle with Ratchet
7210693 ELITE PASS Shuttle Needle - box of 5


  • Endoscopy
  • Orthopaedic Reconstruction
  • Accu-Pass
  • Arthro-Pierce
  • Bioraptor 2.3 P
  • Bioraptor Knotless
  • Clear -Trac Complete
  • Elite Pass
  • Elite Premium
  • Elite Premium II
  • Osteoraptor
  • Twinfix Ti
  • Twinfix Ultra HA
  • Twinfix Ultra PK
  • Twinfix Ultra Ti