Smith & Nephew ACUFEX offers a full line of punches, scissors, graspers and knives that have earned a worldwide reputation for optimal maneuverability, sharpness, precision and strength.

Designed for strength and safety

All of our instruments are designed with our pinless hinge, ensuring unsurpassed strength and cutting efficiency.

Manufacturing expertise

We not only design the instruments ourselves, but also the machines that make the instruments.

Master craftsmanship

A proprietary sharpening process allows our cutting instruments to make clean scissor-like cuts for a fast, easy procedure with less tissue trauma.

Handle Selection Guide

Loop Handle: Scissors, basket punches, and graspers feature our traditional loop-style handles./p>

ACUFEX Pro Handle

ACUFEX Pro Handle: Ergonomic design featured on selected punches, scissors and graspers.

Cigar Handle

Available on rotary basket punches and scissors.

ACUFEX Grasper Handle

All ACUFEX graspers feature this infinite-position, locking-handle design.

Shape Selection Guide

The primary style for direct approach

Upbiter: Angled 1/4 curve at tip for increased access to the posterior meniscus

Upswept: Angled shaft follows the contour of the condyle and keeps the cutting surface parallel to the tibial plateau

Ordering Information

Basket Punches – Narrowline

7207658 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207659 Upswept, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207660 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207552 Upswept, with larger finger and thumb loops

7207053 Straight, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207052 Upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7208679 1.5 mm 45° tip left

7208685 1.5 mm 45° tip right

Basket Punches – Duckbill

7207664 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207667 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches – DUCKLING

7207668 Elevator, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207000 Upbiter

7207672 Upswept, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7205979 Upswept, low profile extended 20 mm

7207547 DUCKLING◊, 20° downbiter

Basket Punches – Posterior

7207665 Straight, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207666 Upswept, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207661 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207662 Upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207663 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches – Scoop

72200719 1.0 mm straight, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207657 1.3 mm curved left, ACUFEX Pro Handle

7207656 1.3 mm curved right, ACUFEX Pro Handle

72200716 1.3 mm, upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches - Meniscal Elevator

7207671 .5 mm, upbiter, ACUFEX Pro Handle

Basket Punches – Oval

3134238 Curved left at 40 mm from tip

7207533 Upbiter with larger finger and thumb loops

Basket Punches - Extended Length

7207737 DUCKLING◊, upswept, length extended by 2.25"

7207733 Narrowline upbiter, length extended by 2.25"

7207734 Narrowline upbiter, curved right, length extended by 2.25"

Basket Punches – STINGRAY

7210730 STINGRAY◊ Basket Punch, Right, length extended by 2.25"

7210731 STINGRAY◊ Basket Punch, Left, length extended by 2.25"

Scissors Punches

7207669 Upbiter, curved left, ACUFEX◊ Pro Handle

7207670 Upbiter, curved right, ACUFEX◊ Pro Handle


7207673 2.7 mm upcurved grasper, Alligator, ACUFEX◊ Pro Handle

3134239 Grasper, cupped, 3.4 mm, no teeth

6900595Z Grasper, Johnson Jaw, 130 mm long

7205983 Grasper, Johnson Jaw Jr., 130 mm long


7207553 RAPTOR◊ rongeur with larger finger and thumb loops

7210757 RAPTOR◊ Jr., down swept 10°

Rongeur - Extended Length


RAPTOR◊ rongeur, length extended by 2.25"

Knives – Reusable

3134216 3.0 mm, straight, sharp tip

3134217 5.0 mm, straight, sharp tip


010001 Straight

010525 Cannular, 3.0 mm, straight

010002 Curved, left 30°

010003 Curved, Right 30°

7204869 3.0 mm, heavy hook (with handle)


  • Acufex
  • Acufex Anatomic ACL Guide System
  • Acufex Director ACL
  • Acufex Director PCL
  • Acufex Graftmaster III
  • Biorci-HA Screw
  • Biosure HA and Biosure PK Screw
  • Biosure Sync
  • Endobutton CL Ultra
  • Endobutton Direct
  • Fast-Fix 360
  • Footprint Ultra PK Knotless
  • Meniscal Stitcher Set (inside-out)
  • RCI Screw
  • Ultra Fast-Fix
  • Xtendobutton