Acufex Director

The Smith & Nephew ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL components are designed as an integral part of the ACUFEX DIRECTOR Drill Guide System, providing tools that enable easy, accurate, and reproducible PCL reconstruction. For enhanced patient safety, this system includes the ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL Safety Stop, which easily snaps onto the ACUFEX DIRECTOR Guide Handle and provides a positive drill stop when used with the Safety Guide Wire. Use of these components requires the ACUFEX DIRECTOR ACL system.

Accurate Cruciate Drill Guide

Ordering Information

Ref. Description

7207223 ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL Drill Guide System

System includes

7207282 ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL Tibial Aimer

7207283 ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL Femoral Aimer

7207281 ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL Safety Stop

7207285 PCL Elevator with Wire Catcher Requires one of the following ACL Drill Guide Systems (not included):

All of the following systems require an Angled Bullet for tibia and a 4-point Bullet for femur.

72201746 ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE ACL Drill Guide System

72201965 ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE Soft Tissue Drill Guide System

72201967 ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE Bone-Tendon-Bone Drill Guide System

72201966 ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE RCI Drill Guide System

72201968 ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE Rear Entry Drill Guide System

Optional components

7207291 PCL Twin Tunnel Template

7207292 Oval Sizing Tube/Dilator

013670 PCL Tibial Rasp

013671 PCL Tibial Curette, close

013672 PCL Tibial Hook Knife

013673 PCL Tibial Curette, open

013674 PCL Femoral Curette, calibrated

013629 PCL Screwdriver

013622 PCL 8 mm Drill Stop

013623 PCL 9 mm Drill Stop

013624 PCL 10 mm Drill Stop

013625 PCL 11 mm Drill Stop

7207357 Large Generic Sterilization Tray

Disposables required

7207284 PCL Safety Guide Wire (required)

Calibrated guide wire used in conjunction with the ACUFEX DIRECTOR PCL Safety Stop to indicate when the tip of the wire has penetrated the posterior cortex.

Technical Information

PCL Reconstruction with the ACUFEX Director Drill Guide

ACL Reconstruction with ACUFEX Director Drill Guide and ENDOBUTTON◊ CL Fixation


  • Acufex
  • Acufex Anatomic ACL Guide System
  • Acufex Director ACL
  • Acufex Director PCL
  • Acufex Graftmaster III
  • Biorci-HA Screw
  • Biosure HA and Biosure PK Screw
  • Biosure Sync
  • Endobutton CL Ultra
  • Endobutton Direct
  • Fast-Fix 360
  • Footprint Ultra PK Knotless
  • Meniscal Stitcher Set (inside-out)
  • RCI Screw
  • Ultra Fast-Fix
  • Xtendobutton