BIORCI - HA Screws

BIORCI◊ screws are strong bioabsorbable screws for arthroscopists performing soft tissue or B-T-B reconstructions. With a high pullout strength and great resistance to breakage, BIORCI screws are designed to hold the graft in place for secure anatomic aperture reconstruction, allowing your patients to resume their active lifestyles.

For over fifteen years hydroxylapatite (HA) has been used in skeletal repair in such forms as porous granules, porous blocks, coatings on metal implants, and as granules incorporated in polymeric matrices. The HA granules and porous blocks have been used as bone void filler where the integrity and stability of the bone is not reliant on the implant. By combining the proven bioabsorbable strength and integrity of the BIORCI Screw System with hydroxylapatite, BIORCI - HA screws go a step further in the evolution of ligament repair.


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