FOOTPRINT Ultra PK Knotless

Now you can fine-tune your procedure

The uniquely designed FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor is our most inspired innovation yet. Unlike other anchors which require final suture adjustment prior to setting the anchor, the FOOTPRINT ULTRA PK Suture Anchor allows you to adjust the tension even after insertion. This gives you optimal control over your procedure to ensure proper fixation and suture tension. Choose the anchor that always delivers great performance.

FOOTPRINT Ultra PK Suture Anchor from Smith & Nephew

Available in two sizes, 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm, the FOOTPRINT Ultra PK anchor is intended for use in the lateral row in double row suture bridging techniques.

Uniquely designed, inner plug adjustability means more precise fixation and suture tensioning of final repair

Reduced suture slippage means less gap formation and rotator cuff displacement*

Exclusive tap-in anchor design with offset barbed geometry threads means high pullout strength and easy insertion*

Ordering Information

Ref. Description

72202901 4.5 mm FOOTPRINT Ultra Suture Anchor

72202902 5.5 mm FOOTPRINT Ultra Suture Anchor


72202621 3.8 mm Tapered Awl-Disposable

72201915 3.8 mm Tapered Awl-Reusable

72202116 3.5 mm Spade Tip Drill for use with the 4.5 mm anchor hole preparation device for hard bone

72201707 4.5 mm Spade Tip Drill for use with the 5.5 mm anchor hole preparation device for hard bone

72201450 3.8 mm Straight Awl-Reusable

72202986 3.8 mm Straight Awl-Disposable


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